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Our People

The Team

Here at DC, we are proud of our heritage and our achievements over the past 30 years. Our business has been built on trust, integrity, and determination, with a keen focus on building long lasting relationships with both our clients and suppliers.

Each member of the team boasts a passion for design, success and drive for completion. DC staff are an eclectic mix of people with an outstanding background in ceramics, art and design, manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, project management and retail, making them one of the leading and a preferred gift solution provider in the UK.

Each staff member is valued for their expertise having recognition of their unique insight and innovative edge that together we offer to our clients.


Our DC Design team are experts in all aspects of product design and product development. Our skilled designers, modellers and artists, work closely with our clients throughout to ensure that every detail is just right. We know what works and what does not. We explore new options and methods with the sole intention to strengthen the visual impact of each product and ensure that the solution is both attractive and practical. Equally, it is essential that it provides a memorable experience when unwrapped by the consumer.

Key considerations in our thinking are:

  • How we combine traditional shapes, techniques and patterns with contemporary design
  • How best to bring together fresh and innovative design and presentation, with practical packaging that enhances it’s shelf appeal and grabs the customers attention

“We appreciate that we are only as good as our products designed in the previous year or range. Whether we move on from an existing product or a completely new concept – by taking a fresh look, making it interesting and special regardless of product value – is essentially what it’s all about!” - Vernon Gay, MD.

For a confidential discussion regarding your next seasonal brief, call Vernon on 01803 860900

Product Development

‘Pro-active, continuous research and development’

DC’s philosophy is to offer our clients a unique combination of strong design, with modern technology, whilst still preserving the traditional hand crafted skills.

We challenge ourselves continuously by concentrating on new products and styles, new methods, searching and analysing new trends and identifying new opportunities and innovations. Each year we attend a wide variety of seasonal exhibitions, and travel all over the world, to develop ideas, stretch the imagination and think beyond. This is an important element of our success to date, enabling us to provide a rounded and informed viewpoint on the latest visual effects and colours as well as product and consumer trends.


‘Outstanding sourcing skills and experience’

We have a wealth of experience sourcing products globally, with a strong network of suppliers and contacts to identify, source and import a variety of goods and materials.

As a company, we have secured strong relationships with a number of suppliers in the Far East as well as within the UK and Europe. Our buyers are experts in their own field. It is their role to seek out trusted and reliable sources of confectionery, unusual ingredients and other complimentary items. As part of DC’s long-standing values and ethical approach, it is vitally important to us that we responsibly source confectionary and other food goods for our gifts and hampers.

Product Quality control

We attach great importance to the quality control of our products, ensuring that all goods are produced at a consistently high standard. Imported products are checked by our dedicated Quality Controller in the Far East, checking the consignment before it leaves for the UK. All of the appropriate European standards and regulations are complied with, and relevant supporting certification and documentation provided.

Packaging and Warehousing

‘Packed with care and attention so goods reach their destination as safe as possible’’

Our warehouse provides 32,000 sq ft of storage, and is located just outside of Torbay, a short distance from our main offices in Totnes. We have extensive ‘drive in’ racking which ensures the safety of goods whilst making the most efficient use of space in our warehouse. All gift and hampers are assembled and packaged in the UK.
Our experienced packers operate around the clock, packing a variety of gifts and hampers to ensure timely delivery. Great care and attention is given to packing all gifts and hampers to ensure that each gift reaches their destination as safely as possible. Bar coding and all aspects of goods inward documentation are created in readiness for a quick turn around on reaching the client’s supply chain.


‘Professional and flexible to accommodate you’

We provide a complete fulfillment service to your supply chain, as part of our overall offering. We dispatch goods using our own carriers, in bulk or smaller ‘one-off’ pallet deliveries, and deliver these to your customer supply chain. We also have the added advantage that we have the flexibility to support clients, during peak and seasonal demand variations.

Our Environmental Policy

Statement of Intent

We are conscious of the effect we have on our environment and the positive difference we all can make to our communities. We conduct our business in a responsible manner and commit to comply with applicable legal and other requirements relating to our environment. DC ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of recycling of all materials and use environmentally friendly packaging, wherever possible. We recycle cardboard packaging, using our recycling facilities at the warehouse. We also re-introduce cardboard boxes into the production of new cardboard for efficient re-use, where appropriate.