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Why us?

We have extensive knowledge of consumer behaviours, preferences and factors that define gift best sellers.

We have great experience of retailing! We know what sells and what doesn’t.
We leverage our strengths to bring our clients creative and cost effective solutions, helping them to pursue and realise new merchandising and revenue streams.

At all times, we ensure your commercial and creative needs for the product are covered.  At every point of the process, from design or concept through to fulfillment, we work on your behalf.  We achieve this by:

Advising on product design and packaging for maximum impact

  • Having well defined line or range requirements
  • Effective project management and communication
  • Well coordinated and controlled production from start to finish
  • Controlled product testing which complies with the necessary UK and European regulations
  • Providing excellent customer service to make your buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible

We are proud of our products, skills and heritage.  Our aim is to delight clients with our products and services driven by our genuine passion for creating and manufacturing innovative gifts and hampers.

Whatever your product brief challenges, we can help – call us today on 01803 860900 or  email or alternatively click ‘Contact Us’, and we’ll give you a call.