As an environmental safety conscious company, Devon Ceramics shall commit to the following: Comply with applicable environment laws & regulations.

Comply with recognised safety standards along with the appropriate work site security policies.

Systematically integrate safeguards and security into management and work practices at all levels, so that our company activities are accomplished in a safe and secure manner.

It is the policy of the Management to consider all environmental factors, from the product to ultimate waste disposal.

Consideration will be given when formulating all policies, plans and practices to choose the most environmentally sensitive options to prevent pollution through, recycling and reduction.

Our business activities will be managed to minimise environmental impact in that urgent focus will be given to:

• Selection of operating sites
• Design of production process and product types
• Emissions produced
• Choice of handling of raw materials
• Distribution of systems
• Disposal of waste
• Communications
• Maintenance

All managers from the Managing Director to the line supervisor are environmental managers and part of their task is to ensure they play a part in reducing damage to the environment. Devon Ceramics will ensure improvement continuous in all its activities to prevent any pollution of air, land and water.